Why our new lists are good for you

June 6, 2016

It’s no secret that we love lists. Lists are comforting. They’re simple. They provide instant gratification and purpose. They make us feel organised, give us a sense of progress and motivate us to make a plan.

So we hope you will like our two new lists of everything you need for groundwater research plus our complete directory of rental equipment. Each is available to download, so you can review in your own time; pass around to your colleagues; keep on-hand and, we hope, use to make a list for your next order.


We have produced these lists because we believe we have the most extensive choice of rental equipment and consumables for groundwater monitoring and environmental research in our markets. We also want to assure you every item is backed-up by the Van Walt promise of quality, service and support.

Van Walt works hard to find the best equipment solutions for you – our list of specifications is long and comprehensive. We take time to review suppliers, check their processes and quality control and, whenever we can, work with them to produce the equipment you demand, the LevelSCOUT water level logger is a good example. But, despite all the lists in the world, we recognise you – our customers have very different requirements that’s why we are always available to discuss the rates you, your office or your organisation needs to win and secure future business. Talk to us – we are here to help.

Yvonne Coonan

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