Just a few of the most recent projects where we have been delighted to supply equipment

Water Flow in Bogs

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Monitoring in the Mountains

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Using Radio Telemetry to connect a Water Monitoring Network

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Groundwater Monitoring

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Environmental Research on a Remote Island

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Water Level Monitoring

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Water Level Equipment

To measure and monitor water we offer a range of water level loggers, water level data loggers, water level dip meters and high accuracy, vented water level sensors

Data Collection Equipment

We have developed a versatile, secure, flexible, sophisticated and accurate web-based groundwater; water level; water quality and soil moisture telemetry system...

Sediment & Soil Sampling Equipment

From a Peat Probe, to an Auger Set (or Single Auger or Soil Gouge) to a mechanical Window Sampling System, Van Walt has one of the most comprehensive selections of Soil & Sediment Sampling equipment available.

Soil Moisture Equipment

Accurate and consistent Soil Moisture monitoring has become increasingly important when researching environmental factors like climate change, decreasing water resources, improved crop production and protecting threatened habitats.

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