Training Courses

Last week I attended a 3 day Van Walt Ltd environmental monitoring course in Haslemere, and what a great few days it was 💦 🌿. From soil sampling to water quality, soil moisture analysis to groundwater monitoring, and delving into topics like environmental standards & reporting and remediation, every aspect of the course provided valuable insights into the world of environmental monitoring.

Expanding my knowledge of multi-parameter sondes particularly for measuring nitrates was a course highlight for me. Understanding their role in gathering comprehensive data and the environmental issues they face during deployment such as biofouling.

As we navigate an era where environmental conservation is paramount, having the latest skills and techniques is essential. The knowledge gained from this course will allow me to further contribute meaningfully to environmental initiatives and make informed decisions in the field.

Customer training has always been a pivotal and core philosophy of the Van Walt Group and since our incorporation more than 40 years ago, informal and bespoke training has formed the basis of our customer relations.

We have delivered many hundreds of practical and theoretical equipment and sampling techniques training sessions all over the world, including courses in several African countries, India, the USA, New Zealand and Japan. We have also offered formal, CPD accredited training through our Introduction to Environmental Monitoring programme.

This 12 module course is available as a 2.5 day in-house, in-person training course with comprehensive, practical and interactive scenario sessions and 18.25 hours of onsite CPD training (13.5 online only). For tailored courses please contact us.

Programme Download

The course is designed for:

  • New entrants to environmental consultancies
  • Refresher course for environmental consultants
  • Project and team leaders
  • Professionals from other sectors involved in environmental monitoring

For more information on Van Walt Training, including dates, costs and the availability of the Introduction to Environmental Monitoring programme, including the elements of each module, complete the registration form.