Soil Solution Plates

Soil Solution Plates for soil water extraction from ecoTech, Germany. Especially good for nitrates and phosphates. These unique suction plates have area-related sampling ideal for studying solute concentrations and solute fluxes in soils.

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There are two types of soil suction plates: glass and plastic.

  • Glass plates are especially used for the extraction of soil solution on large areas and for organic solutes. The unique design of the glass plates increases the rigidness and water uptake of the plate.
  • Plastic plates are specifically designed for the extraction of soil solution on large areas and the examination on heavy metals and phosphate because of their low charged surfaces. The unique tongue and groove system fitted on the plastic plates allow construction to any size.
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Soil Solution Plates Equipment Options:


  • Leachate monitoring in permanent field
  • Field studies and Lysimeters
  • Nitrate monitoring in leachate




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