Geosorb Socks

Geosorb Socks recover hydrocarbons from wells. The system has a stainless steel screened cage assembly and a product selective absorbent. It is weighted so is easily lowered down a well where it passively absorbs product, not the water.


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  • Designed for 5 cm or 10 cm and larger wells
  • Recovers the product not the water
  • Absorbent sock refills available
  • Stainless steel screened cage can be easily decontaminated
  • FEP coated stainless steel hanger
  • Weighted for optimal submergence

Geosorb Socks Equipment Options:


Geosorb absorbent sock
Ø 38mm, length 91cm, packed 12
Geosorb Screened assembly
Ø 44mm, length 91cm
Geosorb absorbent sock
Ø 76mm, length 91cm, packed 12
Geosorb Screened assembly
Ø 93mm, length 91cm



Absorbent sock refills

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