Pico Profile

The Pico-Profile from IMKO, Germany is an easy and modular instrument for the precise measurement of moisture and salinity in selected soil profiles. Using TRIME radar technology the Pico-Profile is ideal for research to control irrigation, to create soil and water balance models and to check the saline load in different soil depths.

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  • Robust and watertight structure under extreme conditions
  • Every PICO-T3P PROFILE segment is in its celebration scalable on each soil horizon
  • Easy to configure modularly to measure selected soil horizons precisely
  • Up to ten measuring devices can be arranged in different soil depths
  • Additional measurement of the electrical conductivity for exact evaluations of saline load
  • Measuring result may be calculated for the pore water conductivity ECw or as TDS (in mg salt per liter water)
  • PICO-PROFILE measures per measuring segment 1dm³ soil and penetrates deeply into the soil around the installation tube with its representative measuring field
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • A RS485 or SDI12 interface allows data collection with the Van Walt Data Collection systems.
  • Long-life and durable.

Pico Profile Equipment Options:


  • Irrigation Studies
  • Soil and Water Balance Models
  • Saline Monitoring in different soil depths



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