Pico Profile

Pico-Profile Soil Moisture Probe from IMKO, Germany is an easy and modular instrument for the precise measurement of moisture and salinity in selected soil profiles. Using TRIME radar technology the Pico-Profile is ideal for research to control irrigation, to create soil and water balance models and to check the saline load in different soil depths.


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  • Robust and watertight structure under extreme conditions
  • Every PICO-T3P PROFILE segment is in its celebration scalable on each soil horizon
  • Easy to configure modularly to measure selected soil horizons precisely
  • Up to ten measuring devices can be arranged in different soil depths
  • Additional measurement of the electrical conductivity for exact evaluations of saline load
  • Measuring result may be calculated for the pore water conductivity ECw or as TDS (in mg salt per liter water)
  • PICO-PROFILE measures per measuring segment 1dm³ soil and penetrates deeply into the soil around the installation tube with its representative measuring field
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • A RS485 or SDI12 interface allows data collection with the Van Walt Data Collection systems.
  • Long-life and durable.

Pico Profile Equipment Options:


  • Irrigation Studies
  • Soil and Water Balance Models
  • Saline Monitoring in different soil depths



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