TDR Pico Soil Moisture Probes

The Trime Pico 64 is a highly sophisticated, fast and accurate TDR soil moisture probe for the onsite monitoring of moisture in top layers of soil, sand & gravel.

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TDR (Time Domain Reflectrometry) technology delivers very accurate determination of soil moisture content. Data can be read from a handheld unit, logged or sent via a telemetry network to a PC for analysis. Our TDR technology is equivalently priced to good quality capacitance probes but is very much more accurate especially when used in “difficult” sediments such as heavy clays or those high in organic matter content. The soil moisture content is calculated inside the unit and the collected data can be read from the handheld unit.

Our TDR probes work by inserting the rods into the soil and within a few seconds the moisture measurement and soil EC values and temperature are presented on a display unit. The operating mode “Normal” shows you the value of Moisture, Temperature, and the RBC (material conductivity).

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TDR Pico Soil Moisture Probes Equipment Options:

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Pico 32 Soil Moisture Probe
A highly sophisticated, fast and accurate TDR probe ideal for irrigation control systems and onsite soil moisture monitoring in sandy & loamy soils.
Very accurate TDR technology
Integrated soil temperature sensor
Interchangeable rods
An ideal probe for maximum accuracy in materials with bulk electrical conductivity of up to 12dS/m.
Burying capability for both horizontal and vertical orientation
Measures direct 0…100% vol. soil moisture content
Measures soil electrical conductivity


Technical Specifications
Power Consumption
Power Down
ca. 35μA
– Background Illum. OFF
– Background Illum. Max
ca. 26mA
ca. 56mA
ca. 350 mA
Measurement per Charge
20°C / Background Illum. Max Mode – Continuous Measurement
ca. 5000
Storage Temperature
-30°C up to 80°C
Operating Temperature
-20°C up to 70°C
Charging Temperature
10°C up to 30°C
Charging Voltage
Nom. 12V, Max. 15V, Min. 12V
Charging Current
ca. 1A
Charging Time
At exhaustively discharged accumulator. 2h
Ni-MH (4 x 1.2V) (AA), 2000mAh, >1500 Measurements
Physical BUS
IMP-BUS-Protocol II
IMP-Bus Port Settings
8 Data Bits, 2 Stop Bits, Odd Parity


vanwaltCONNECT telemetry
Spare rods
85 mm preparation probe
Tube extension
Preparation set
HD2 Meter
Pico Profile
Pico GlobeLog®


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