GroPoint Profile

GroPoint Profile is a multi-segment Soil Moisture Profiling Probe. Used for the cost-effective measurement of volumetric water content over multiple depths. Because it uses a single probe it simplifies soil moisture measurement at different depths. It also eliminates the cumbersome excavation required for multiple soil moisture sensors placed at different depths.


The GroPoint Profile is based on the field-proven Time Domain Transmission (TDT) method for reliably measuring changes in soil moisture and temperature. Variety of different profile lengths are available to easily suit your project requirements. The GroPoint Profile  can also connect easily to our vanwaltDataHub telemetry system which makes it ideal for remote monitoring.

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The GroPoint Profile is based on the field-proven Time Domain Transmission (TDT) method of reliably measuring soil moisture. TDT-based sensors do not need to be calibrated to each type of soil they are measuring, they deliver excellent accuracy and stability.

  • Simplify the measurement of Soil Moisture at different depths with multiple readings from a single probe
  • Scientific grade accuracy with long-term stability
  • Repeatable Accuracy
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GroPoint Profile Equipment Options:


  • Multitude of agricultural applications
  • Vineyards, row crops and orchards
  • Silviculture and research to better manage irrigation practices
  • Research to increase plant/crop quality and yield
  • Research to reduce fertiliser run-off


  • The GroPoint Profile is available in six different multi-segment lengths.
    You can also choose from two different configurations for soil temperature sensors, depending on your requirements. You can configure it with no temperature sensors if you only require soil moisture measurement, or the standard configuration places temperature sensors roughly every 10cm.



  • Slide hammer tool
  • Sturdy steel pilot rod
  • Datalogger/Telemetry options: vanwaltDataHub, vanwaltCONNECT and vanwaltDataSlave
  • Additional Cable For GroPoint Sensors


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