SONO-M1 Aggregate Sensor

The SONO-M1 Aggregate Sensor from Imko, Germany uses Trime Domain Reflectrometry (TDR) to determine the moisture content of aggregates. It is very accurate and quickly shows results. The handy two-rod probe measures moisture in sand, gravel, expanded clay spheres and other aggregates. Moisture measurements can be displayed using the Hand-held SONO-Dis Read-out Meter or the Pico HD2 Meter.

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  • Easy to use, simply connect and measure
  • Immediate, accurate measurements
  • No time-consuming calibration
  • Patented sensor head
  • Immediate access to readings
  • Will easily connect to external networks
  • Extremely robust and long-lasting even in extreme conditions
  • Excellent value

SONO-M1 Aggregate Sensor Equipment Options:


  • Construction
  • Road Building
  • Nuclear
  • Rail
  • Infrastructure Development



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