HydraGO – Portable Soil Moisture Probe

The HydraGO – Portable Soil Moisture Probe collects onsite data. With wireless sensor to smartphone technology for soil moisture monitoring. The HydraGO is a rugged, accurate and easy to use handheld soil moisture sensor from the Stevens Water range. Because of this it’s ideal for field use. The HydraGO makes soil moisture logging simple.


Take quick soil parameter measurements anywhere for those applications not requiring a permanent soil monitoring system. Use the free app to collect your data. Save it and email as a .CSV file for analysis in Excel later on. Simple!


Most importantly the HydraGO uses the same patented technology as the HydraProbe. It also measures soil parameters including soil moisture, temperature and salinity. The HydraGO app is compatible with both Android and Apple devices and is free to download.

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  • Uses the same patented soil sensor as the HydraProbe
  • Portable for taking soil measurements anywhere
  • Ergonomically designed with a detachable pole so it can be inserted without bending over
  • Suitable for those applications where a permanent soil monitoring system is not required
  • Communicates wirelessly with Android and Apple devices using Bluetooth
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HydraGO – Portable Soil Moisture Probe Equipment Options:



  • Soil Research
  • Agriculture
  • Irrigation optimisation studies
  • Water saving & water protection studies
  • Scientific research
  • Watershed management
  • Greenhouses



  • HydraGO Software App


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