Multnomah Falls

17th June 2018

The highway A5 is the road that takes you from Seattle to Portland Oregon and runs more or less straight for some 180 miles. The rental company had upgraded us to an enormous 8 seater GMC; very thirsty,...

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Clay Cliffs and Ice Crystals

1st June 2018

Mix the right sort of clay with cobbles, site them where streams and rain will erode it in a geologically short period, sprinkle them with minerals to tint the cake and you get the Clay Cliffs in Omarama,...

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It doesn’t need to be like that

22nd May 2018

Around the world, in the hollows of badly lit store rooms there will be shelves filled to the gunwales with equipment.  A certain item was purchased to satisfy the requirements of a particular project...

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Four countries in two weeks

29th April 2018

Admittedly two of them are pretty small and we barely grazed French territorial waters but when you travel at an average cruising speed of 6 knots (six nautical miles per hour) and you have 400 miles to...

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Sometimes I talk to trees

7th April 2018

Some are fascinated by clouds, others by mountains. I happen to like trees.

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Easter lazyness and indecision

1st April 2018

How did you spend your Easter week-end?

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Time and tide waits for no man

25th March 2018

As the clocks move forward I reflect on time.

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Daffodils in the Snow

18th March 2018

We're not used to snow. One flake can disrupt life for days. Several inches and one would think that we've been transponded to Siberia. The media can't get enough of it. We've had the beast from the east...

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vanwaltDataHub: A data-logger with power and flexibility

20th February 2018

I was instructed not to make this boring. As if!

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