Van Walt goes to Kenya

29th December 2021

Kenya December 2021

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Project Gotham

27th November 2020

It is to my shame that I must confess that in the year prior to the pandemic I clocked up 116,000 airmiles. It would seem logical to assume that as a seasoned traveller a short hop to the south of Spain...

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Jo’s School, Cape Town

19th April 2020

We’d anchored our 1955 wooden sailing boat “Lady Ailsa” near the oyster beds on the south eastern leg of Newtown Creek and it was time for a shower and brunch. Yarmouth would provide both. It’s...

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Van Walt SA (Pty) Limited

18th April 2020

The girl behind the Avis desk at Cape Town Airport sported intimidatingly large breasts and couldn’t find my reservation. It happens a lot; the not finding the reservation I mean. I am an Avis preferred...

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Travels with Tracey

9th December 2019

The Nevada section of the interstate from Los Angeles to Las Vegas takes you through the Mojave Desert. It runs straight and is totally uninspiring and there’s little to recommend it apart from Peggy...

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Castles in the Sand

3rd October 2019

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Travelling with your children

14th July 2019

I call it the stairway to hell but of course it isn’t. But I imagine it could be, long, bleak and foreboding but it only leads, after mile long travellators, to gates B at Heathrow’s terminal 2.

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I’d pick more daisies

9th June 2019

“When in Rome do as the Romans” is mostly a wise attitude and usually works well but I’d caution the traveller to be circumspect when applying this adage to culinary experiences. After a 14 hour...

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Save the drama for the llama

4th May 2019

I wonder whether I can do this.

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