Vincent van Walt's
Travel Journal

Jo’s School, Cape Town

19th April 2020

We’d anchored our 1955 wooden sailing boat “Lady Ailsa” near the oyster beds on the south eastern leg of Newtown Creek and it was time for a shower and brunch. Yarmouth would provide both. It’s...

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Beauty alone is not enough

12th September 2018

It’s been a dry hot summer in Britain.

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Sometimes I talk to trees

7th April 2018

Some are fascinated by clouds, others by mountains. I happen to like trees.

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Easter lazyness and indecision

1st April 2018

How did you spend your Easter week-end?

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Time and tide waits for no man

25th March 2018

As the clocks move forward I reflect on time.

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Daffodils in the Snow

18th March 2018

We're not used to snow. One flake can disrupt life for days. Several inches and one would think that we've been transponded to Siberia. The media can't get enough of it. We've had the beast from the east...

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I cannot remember her name

2nd February 2018

She can't be more than 12 or 13 years old and we can only imagine what her life must really be like and I am ashamed that I can't even remember her name because I bet she can remember mine.

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The Lupins of New Zealand

24th December 2017

Two people told me the story of an Englishwoman, who, while travelling through New Zealand, thought it a good idea to sprinkle lupin seeds over the countryside as she trecked through the South Island....

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