The Lupins of New Zealand

24th December 2017

Two people told me the story of an Englishwoman, who, while travelling through New Zealand, thought it a good idea to sprinkle lupin seeds over the countryside as she trecked through the South Island. The reason why she might have done this was not revealed. We surmise that at least she had a sense of humour.

Soon the seeds propagated and in November the road and river banks are smothered in the sweet scent of the flowers. Both those people now completely deny having any knowledge of what I’ve accused them of telling me so I must have made up the tale. As no one else has provided me with a better explanation, I shall take my version as gospel.

Whatever the provenance, these plants are now endemic, if not invasive, but I love their prolific behaviour, their scent and their pastel colours; blue, pink, white, cream and I admire them most when they border rivers in swathes of scented colours.

The picture above is of the mighty Clutha River, just south of Omarama.

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