Training at Van Walt

3rd December 2018

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. (Navajo proverb).

I define life as a long journey in a boat that cuts through the waters, and from time to time, docks in a port. Sometimes you dock at the right place, sometimes you do not, but even the wrong places can provide new and interesting experiences and ways to learn.

Two weeks ago I docked in Haslemere, feeling expectant, since this is the first time that I have worked with a company with Van Walt’s image. Several of my friends knew the company before I came here; they all told me that it is excellent and always offers them the best of the market. During these days I have felt pampered by each and every one of my colleagues since they have had a lot of patience and warmth. More importantly, I have felt capable of carrying out the work for which I have been hired. Frankly, I feel that I’ve finally landed in good port and I think I’m here for a good season.

Training with the vanwaltDatahub

Van Walt is a company that is proud to be different. They have taught me to treat our clients, probably you who are reading this blog, with care. I look forward to helping you, to maintain contact and guide you in each of the projects that we work on together. This is because in each sale, not only is there a product, but also constant support from our team. In this port, communication is as constant between the team as it is between our DataHub and sensors. It is a great communication network in which each member is a specialist that supports the others when they need help. I think that this is the most important thing for a small team, which I’m sure will continue to grow and will always follow the same lines of cooperation between colleagues.

Making a personal analysis of these two weeks I return so happy to my work base in Sant Cugat. I feel that I will arrive with a backpack full of knowledge and the positive energy that resides in my DNA. I also go with a great desire to get to know the team and our customers.

Training on the vanwaltDataSlave

I am a geologist by profession and at heart, I am passionate about the technical solutions that I have learnt about these last few days. It is really motivating to be able to control a location from the office, obtaining continuous and precise measurements, in order to understand what exactly is happening on site.

I start this new stage of life highly motivated. Having initially been a little anxious, I will surely feel more secure and comfortable every day. I return home with another vision of the future, satisfied with myself, confident, and more than willing to face new challenges.

Gimena Rodriguez
Haslemere November 2018

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