Choosing a Business Partner

28th August 2018

Having identified a product that fits within our sphere of experience it remains to establish whether entering into a long-term business relationship with a company will prove to be a success. It’s a bit like a marriage; you aim it to last for life and so it is all about attitude with the “give and take” central to the liaison. Having been married for more than 4 decades to the same person (how has she put up with me?) I think I have an inkling of how much to give and how much to take. To get that balance right can be an exercise in the elusive.

Measuring soil moisture is an area we have been involved in for decades. It is a parameter of extreme importance to many disciplines: agriculture, horticulture, construction, archaeology, to name but a few and recently we have added to the equipment we’ve carried in our repertoire through a co-operation with Stevens Water, a specialist company based in Portland Oregon.

Their range of products is limited yet very focused on this parameter. Having deployed tens of thousands of units over the years and with an enviable collection of scientific papers to prove the accuracy and resilience of their equipment it just seemed appropriate that we enter into a business relationship. Stevens Water’s small team, led by Scott South have all the constituents we were looking for: successful, motivated, enthusiastic, proud, focused, positive. All attributes which give us the feeling that this is a relationship which will endure over decades. We are very fortunate that they too see the same attributes in the Van Walt team and we look forward to matching their superb products to ours and we are proud to have been appointed as preferred partner in the UK, Ireland, Spain and New Zealand.

Vincent van Walt, Haslemere, August 2018

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