Four days in Sicily

25th January 2019

Syracuse (Siracusa) was for some centuries the most important city in the Mediterranean. Just south of the straits of Messina it held a vital strategic position and the island of Sicily had complete control...

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An insatiable demand for data

17th January 2019

My father in law owned a factory that manufactured frames for photographs. He was very successful yet never quite understood why. He would walk into someone’s home and the walls were plastered with framed...

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Training at Van Walt

3rd December 2018

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. (Navajo proverb).

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The world is getting smaller

4th November 2018

They say the world became smaller when the rail networks were established and it got even smaller when cheap commercial flights became available to all. The digital age brought us the internet and so our...

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Environmental data to your desktop by telemetry. An elementary overview.

16th October 2018

What is telemetry?

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Cannoli, Arancini and Montalbano

12th October 2018

If you have never seen the TV series "Montalbano" you've been missing a treat. The intuitively brilliant detective played by Luca Zingaretti follows the books by the Italian author Andrea Camilleri. The...

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Beauty alone is not enough

12th September 2018

It’s been a dry hot summer in Britain.

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Choosing a Business Partner

28th August 2018

Having identified a product that fits within our sphere of experience it remains to establish whether entering into a long-term business relationship with a company will prove to be a success. It’s a...

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Un Barbiere di Qualita

9th August 2018

I suppose that you would regard the Milano as a "bijou" Hotel. The room is tiny but well appointed and very comfortable and it is but a stone's throw from the Verona Amphitheatre.  Turn right and, if...

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