Van Walt’s radical pricing response to Brexit!

July 4, 2016

Mamma Mia! Where did I go wrong? I was only away for a fortnight’s holiday in lovely Umbria and I came back to chaos. Markets are down from Tokyo to New York to London, the Pound has plummeted, the New Zealand Dollar has rocketed, we have no prime minister, no opposition, and to cap it all, England loses to Iceland in the European Championship – we are ‘out’ at every level!

We have two choices; we can sit back and watch the meltdown or we can act.

On the Sunday after our world changed I read an article in the Sunday Times by Rohan Silva, a London tech scenester and former advisor to David Cameron. Silva was proposing three things to boost:

  • 1. Investor confidence: the UK should cut corporation tax to a worldwide low of 10%.
  • 2. Small business confidence and resilience: we should take immediate action to cut business rates. Unlike corporation tax, which is paid only on profits, firms pay business rates whether they make money or not.
  • 3. Public confidence: act quickly to deliver reform in one of the most high-profile areas of the referendum campaign: immigration.

Radical: yes, achievable: who knows?

At Van Walt we don’t have control over what our politicians decide for us but we can decide what we do for our customers. That’s why we recently reviewed our prices, produced new lists and made these available to our customers – I hope you like them. You can view them online here.

Now, in this post-Brexit world we have decided to act!

We want to negotiate with our customers to support their efforts to secure new business, that’s why we are prepared to offer a special discount to loyal customers on all rental items. And, despite that our rental packages are already heavily discounted, we are offering an additional reduction.

Radical: yes, achievable: yes!

Click here to place your order.

Brexit – no choice. Changing our prices – your choice!

Vincent van Walt

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