Submersible Gigant Pumps

Submersible Gigant Pumps are an impeller type pump. Designed to fit groundwater monitoring wells with a minimum of 40 mm diameter so suitable for most groundwater monitoring

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Submersible Gigants have a pumping capacities up to 8 litres/minute and each pump has a head lift of 8 metres. Up to 3 booster pumps can be added to increase lift up to approximately 30 metres. These pumps require a 12V battery or can be run off a peristaltic pump.

  • A low cost, centrifugal submersible pump for monitoring in small groundwater wells
  • Fits down a 40mm well
  • Small but powerful motor
  • Can pump to a height of 10m
  • Adding a booster pump can be raised 20, 30 or more metres
  • No risk of cross contamination
  • Made from non-toxic ABS plastic, fitted with a stainless steel impeller

Submersible Gigant Pumps Equipment Options:



12 V battery


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