Geosub 2 Pump & Controller

The Geosub 2 Pump & Controller system is a versatile, stainless steel, pumping solution. A DC pump for low flow sampling and high flow well purging. Robust and tested design with stainless steel components for sampling in the harshest well conditions. The Geosub 2 operates with the Geosub 2 Controller and a portable reel system or as a dedicated well system to 60 m depth, deeper if a Drop Tube Assembly is added.

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  • Unique pump system with no comparable competitors for groundwater monitoring
  • System CE Certification
  • A high-quality, rugged, reliable & versatile pump
  • One year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Rugged construction and easy to connect cables for quick & simple setup and portability
  • Low flow or high flow options
  • Suitable for PFAS sampling
  • Pump to 60 m head of water or can go deeper with drop tube assembly
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Geosub 2 Pump & Controller Equipment Options:



  • Monitoring well installation
  • Water quality research
  • Monitoring water quality
  • Water sampling
  • Ground water sampling
  • High and Low flow purging and sampling
  • PFAS sampling



DC to AC Inverter
Drop Tube Assembly


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