Groundwater Sampling Bailers

Groundwater Sampling Bailers offer a quick and easy method of purging and sampling. Bailers are a useful addition to your groundwater equipment collection because they are good value and easy to use

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Bailers are a quick and cheap way to purge and or sample groundwater wells from 25 mm and open water. They are manufactured from hallmarked HDPE and weighted for ease of use.

  • Cheap and easy to use
  • Lightweight, easy to transport
  • Disposable (HDPE)
  • Easy to clean (Stainless Steel)
  • Safe for hazardous environments
  • Tested and hallmarked
  • Deep sampling is possible
  • Different sizes available to fit 25 mm (1”) wells and 50 mm (2”) wells
  • Weighted design fills quickly
  • Standard or VOC emptying devices available

Groundwater Sampling Bailers Equipment Options:


19 mm
38 mm
Stainless Steel
22 mm
42 mm



Stainless Steel emptying device to be used with:
22mm Stainless Steel Bailer
42mm Stainless Steel Bailer
Stainless Steel VOC Sampler to be used with:
22mm Stainless Steel Bailer
42mm Stainless Steel Bailer
VOC Filter Tip to be used with:
19mm Bailers
38mm Bailers


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