Foot Valve Groundwater Sampling Pumps

Van Walt’s Foot Valve Groundwater Sampling Pumps come in a variety of sizes. They make very powerful pumping systems because that are capable of sampling to great depths

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These pumps, using no electrical components are useful if you have to sample in an intrinsically safe way. Stainless steel foot valves are re-usable as they can be cleaned in a dishwasher making them more cost effective than plastic valves which cannot be effectively cleaned, so could cause sample contamination if re-used.

  • Economical
  • Manual operation
  • Suitable for environmental analysis in groundwater wells with diameters from 9mm to 22mm
  • A simple and inexpensive groundwater research pump for well development and purging
  • Low risk of cross contamination as sample is not in contact with air
  • Stainless steel valve can be easily decontaminated
  • Light weight
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used in wells with shaft type covers as well as from street type well covers

Foot Valve Groundwater Sampling Pumps Equipment Options:


Ø9 mm for use with 6×8 polyethylene tubing
Ø12 mm for use with 8×10 polyethylene tubing
Ø15 mm for use with 10×12 polyethylene tubing
Ø18 mm for use with 12×16 polyethylene tubing
Ø22 mm for use with 16×20 mm polyethylene tubing



HDPE Polyethylene tubing


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