Multi-Stage Core Sampler

The Multi-Stage Core Sampler to collect a 5 cm, relatively undisturbed soil core sample. Sample up to 125 cm deep, with optional 30 cm multi-stage extension sections. Additionally, a liner and cap can be added for field extraction, extrusion and preservation of a soil sample.

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  • Incorporates a one-way valve core tip and valved auger tip to help retain samples in loose, unconsolidated materials
  • Available as a set which includes a base section, solid cap, core tip, auger tip, universal slip wrench, 2” x 12” plastic liner and two plastic end caps: with replacement parts and accessories.
  • Collects 5 cm diameter samples easily and effectively with minimum loss of material
  • Main elements are made of 300 series stainless steel and the core tips from 400 series stainless steel.
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Multi-Stage Core Sampler Equipment Options:


  • Soil profile description and classification
  • Soil sampling above groundwater table
  • Soil sampling below groundwater table
  • Archaeological soil research
  • Environmental soil research

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