Bulk Density Soil Sampling Ring Kit

Bulk Density Soil Sampling Ring Kit. This set contains everything needed to take accurate core samples. This is a unique sampling set for core samples to a depth of one meter. These samples represent the soils natural conditions and, determining the bulk density of the soil, can be used to improve crop growth.

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The kit is ideal for sampling the soil surface, in auger holes or in profile pits. Stainless Steel Rings, Caps and Aluminium Carrying Case available separately.

  • Complete set for the accurate determination of the bulk density of soil
  • Ideal for sampling at the soil surface, in auger holes or in profile pits
  • Undisturbed soil samples
  • Made from Stainless Steel
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Bulk Density Soil Sampling Ring Kit Equipment Options:


  • Soil suitability research
  • Educational purposes
  • Root research
  • Plant growth studies
  • Crop yield research
  • Soil erosion studies
  • Soil sampling for agricultural and fertilisation research

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