This week has not been my favourite. Enough said.

I’d looked forward to a Friday night in front of the TV with a bottle of wine but was reminded as I walked through the door that we had a dinner engagement.

Amanda and Graham are the most generous of hosts and champagne and good food changed my mood. Oh I forgot: Amanda is an excellent cook. Also part of the company the well travelled Bo, the giggly Claire and quintissential Englishman Lou.

It’s an unwritten rule that politics and religion should not be discussed over dinner. No doubt this an excellent policy but in this company it seemed perfectly acceptable to break it: and we did. We discussed the Pope’s visit, leaders who are in a position to do good but don’t, dentists, children throwing up in aircraft, microloans, abused children in West Africa who harvest chocolate (it didn’t seem to stop us eating the excellent chocolate pudding:- well I didn’t have any but that’s because I was stuffed). Did we make some noise! Midnight arrived and Amanda called us to order because she found our discussions about usurious rates of interest boring. The audacity! Moi boring? Humphhhh…

What fun we had and the woes of the week had disappeared. All of a sudden it was crystal clear in my mind that complaints should be welcomed as opportunities!

It’s good to relax with good friends but my; we sure did talk a load of bollocks!

Vincent van Walt