Soil Gas Vapor Probe

The Soil Gas Vapor Probe is excellent for shallow gas vapor sampling in easily penetrable soils. The system includes everything you need for gas vapor sampling for preliminary testing. Both the base section and liner rod have threaded couplings for the attachment of an extension.

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  • Excellent for shallow gas vapor sampling
  • Ideal for easily penetrable soils
  • Everything you need to collect a gas vapor sample for preliminary testing
  • Designed to allow for the easy addition of extensions
  • Optional slide hammer available
  • Fluoropolymer tubing to transfer the sample from the sampling point to the surface
  • Everything you need for gas vapor sampling
  • Different sample collection options
  • Additional options & accessories are available, including Sub-Slab Gas Vapor Kits – please ask for details.

Soil Gas Vapor Probe Equipment Options:


  • To extract vapor samples around underground fuel tanks or containers
  • To extract samples of volatile liquids




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