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Designed for demanding field work the ProDSS is the latest, smartest, most innovative portable water quality multi-parameter instrument from the YSI stable. The ProDSS measures water parameters like dissolved oxygen (optical), pH, ORP, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, TDS, resistivity, TSS, ammonium, ammonia, chloride, nitrate, depth, temperature and, most importantly turbidity.

YSI has taken the advanced technology from the EXO series to make the new ProDSS the best handheld available. This instrument is rugged and reliable with intelligent, user-replaceable digital sensors that can be connected to any port and that are automatically recognised by the instrument and retain the calibration data.

With optional GPS and depth the ProDSS is completely customisable* and with military specification connectors, IP67 waterproof, rubber over-moulded case and 1-metre drop tests, durability is ensured for longevity of sampling even in the harshest field conditions.

*Rental instruments will be configured/calibrated to measure temperature/conductivity, DO, pH, ORP and turbidity.


The ProDSS is smart, cost-effective and adaptable for the future. Its high-impact body is built to record water quality to depths of 250 meters. The data is stored on-board the instrument for downloading to a laptop on completion of the monitoring sequence.

  • YSI pedigree
  • Real time graph plotting and display
  • Digital instrument with smart sensors that retain calibration status
  • True multi-parameter instrument
  • Single cable
  • Universal ports which can accept any 4 sensors plus depth.
  • Colour display
  • Backlit keypad
  • Optional GPS
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Extensive memory allowing > 100,000 data sets to be saved with site list and data ID tag information
  • 400 GLP (calibration) records
  • Easily transferable data
  • PC program included with the instrument, or backed up to USB memory stick via the built-in, waterproof USB On-The-Go port.
  • Field replaceable sensors
  • Warranty: 3-year instrument; 2-year industry-leading cable assembly and sensors; 1-year pH and pH/ORP sensor modules; 6-months ammonium, nitrate and chloride sensor module
  • Rugged, waterproof military spec connectors
  • Durable enclosure with rubber over-moulded waterproof (IP-67) case
  • Fully backed by the Van Walt Technical team.

Specifications: YSI ProDSS

YSI ProDSS Specifications
Size 8.3 cm width x 21.6 cm length x 5.6 cm depth (3.25 in. x 8.5 in. x 2.21 in.)
Weight with batteries 567 grams (1.25 lbs)
Power Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack providing ~48 hours of battery life (instrument only with backlight off)
Instrument operating temperature 0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Instrument storage temperature 0 to 45 °C (32 to 113 °F) with battery installed; 0 to 60 °C (32 to 140 °F) without battery installed
Display Colour, LCD graphic display
USB port Built-in micro USB On-The-Go port for PC connection, recharging/powering the ProDSS & connecting directly to a USB stick
Cables Available with or without depth sensor in 1, 4, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100-meters
Sensor ports 4 universal sensor ports on each cable; can accept any ProDSS sensor
Warranty 3-year instrument; 2-year bulkhead, cable assembly, and sensors; 1-year pH and pH/ORP sensor modules, ODO sensor caps & Li-ion battery pack; 6-months ammonium, nitrate & chloride sensor modules
Memory > 100000 data sets
Logging modes Single point or continuous with auto-stable feature
GLP compliance Yes; 400 detailed GLP records can be stored & are available to view, download & print.
Languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Certifications CE; RoHS; IP-67; WEEE; FCC; UN Part III, Section 38.3, Test methods for lithium-ion batteries (Class 9)
GPS Optional internal GPS; coordinates are stored with measurement data & site lists
Sites & Data ID 100 user-defined sites and 100 user-defined data ID tags
Instrument, Sensor & Cable
Temperature -5 to 70 °C (temperature compensation range for DO mg/L measurement: -5 to 50 °C ) ±0.2 °C 0.1 °C or 0.1 °F (user selectable) °C, °F, K
pH 0 to 14 pH units ±0.2 pH units 0.01 pH units pH, pH mV
ORP -1999 to 1999 mV ±20 mV 0.1 mV mV
Dissolved Oxygen 0 to 500%, 0 to 50 mg/L 0 to 200%: ±1% of reading or 1% saturation, whichever is greater
200 to 500%: ±8% of reading
0 to 20 mg/L: ±0.1 mg/L or 1% of reading, whichever is greater
20 to 50 mg/L: ±8% of reading
0.01 mg/L and 0.1%, or 0.1 mg/L and 1% (user selectable) % saturation, % saturationlocal, mg/L, ppm
Barometer 375 to 825 mmHg ±1.5 mmHg from 0 to 50 °C 0.1 mmHg mmHg, inHg, bar, psi, kPa, atm
Conductivity** 0 to 200 mS/cm 0 - 100 mS/cm: ±0.5% of reading or .001 mS/cm, whichever is greater 100 - 200 mS/cm: ±1.0% of reading 0.001, 0.01 or 0.1 μS/cm (range dependent) μS/cm, mS/cm
Specific Conductance* 0 to 200 mS/cm 0 - 100 mS/cm: ±0.5% of reading or .001 mS/cm, whichever is greater 100 - 200 mS/cm: ±1.0% of reading. User selectable reference temp. (15 to 25 °C; default 25°C) & compensation coefficient (0 to 4%/°C; default 1.91%) 0.001, 0.01, 0.1 mS/cm μS/cm or mS/cm
Salinity* 0 to 70 ppt ±1.0% of reading or ±0.1 ppt, whichever is greater 0.01 ppt ppt or PSU
Total Dissolved Solids* 0 to 100 g/L Calculated from specific conductance and a user-selectable TDS multiplier (0.30 to 1.00; default 0.65) 0.001, 0.01, 0.1 g/L mg/L, g/L, kg/L
Seawater Density* 0.0 to 50.0 sigma, sigma T - 0.1 sigma or sigma T Sigma, Sigma T
Turbidity 0 to 4000 FNU 0 to 999 FNU: 0.3 FNU or ±2% of reading, whichever is greater 1000 to 4000 FNU: ±5% of reading 0.1 FNU FNU, NTU
Total Suspended Solids* 0 to 30000 mg/L User correlated from turbidity field measurements & lab TSS measurements from grab samples 0.01, 0.1 mg/L mg/L
Ammonium***/**** 0 to 200 mg/L NH4 -N ±10% of reading or 2 mg/L, whichever is greater 0.01 mg/L NH4 -N mg/L, NH4 -N mV
Chloride*** 0 to 18000 mg/L Cl ±15% of reading or 5 mg/L, whichever is greater 0.01 mg/L Cl mg/L, Cl mV
Nitrate*** 0 to 200 mg/L NO3 -N ±10% of reading or 2 mg/L, whichever is greater 0.01 mg/L NO3 -N mg/L, NO3 -N mV
Depth 0 to 328 feet (0 to 100 m) ±0.013 ft (±0.004 m) for 1, 4 & 10 m cables ±0.13 ft (±0.04 m) for cables 20 m & longer 0.001 m or 0.01 ft M,ft

*Derived/calculated parameter **Resistivity can be calculated with the conductivity sensor ***ISEs for freshwater only; 20 meter maximum depth ****Ammonia can be calculated and reported from ammonium, temperature, salinity, and p

Instrument, Sensor & Cable
Temperature Thermistor, installed on conductivity sensor Not available 100 m 2 years for conductivity/temperature sensor
pH Combination glass bulb electrode, Ag/AgCl reference electrode with gelled electrolyte 1, 2, or 3 point 100 m 2 years for pH & pH/ORP sensors
1 year for pH & pH/ORP sensor modules
ORP Platinum button with Ag/AgCl reference 1 point 100 m 2 years for pH/ORP sensor
1 year for pH/ORP sensor module
Dissolved Oxygen Optical luminescence - lifetime method 1 or 2 point 100 m 2 years for optical DO sensor
1 year for optical DO sensor cap
Barometer - 1 point - 3 years, integrated into ProDSS handheld
Conductivity Four nickel electrode cell 1 point 100 m 2 years for conductivity/temperature sensor
Specific Conductance* Calculated from conductivity & temperature - - 1 point
Salinity* Calculated from conductivity & temperature 1 point - -
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)* Calculated from specific conductance & a user selectable TDS multiplier (0.30 to 1.00; default 0.65) - - -
Resistivity* Calculated from conductivity & temperature - - -
Seawater Density* Sigma is calculated from salinity, temperature & pressure (depth) Sigma T is calculated from salinity & temperature - - -
Turbidity Nephelometric - Optical, 90° scatter 1, 2, or 3 point - 2 years for turbidity sensor
Total Suspended Solids(TSS)* User correlated from turbidity field measurements & lab TSS measurements from grab samples - - -
Ammonium** Ion selective electrode 1, 2, or 3 point 20 m 2 years for ammonium sensor
6 months for ammonium sensor module
Ammonia* Calculated from ammonium, temperature, salinity & pH - - -
Chloride** Ion selective electrode 1, 2, or 3 point 20 m 2 years for chloride sensor
6 months for chloride sensor module
Nitrate** Ion selective electrode 1, 2, or 3 point 20 m 2 years for nitrate sensor
6 months for nitrate sensor module
Depth Pressure transducer 1 point - 2 years, integrated into cable assembly

*Derived/calculated parameter **ISEs for freshwater only; 20 meter maximum depth

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Introducing the YSI Pro DSS


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YSI Pro Plus Water Quality Meter

A handheld multiparameter water quality test meter supplied with a Quatro cable to measure temperature/conductivity, DO, pH and ORP.

MCERTS certified.

A rugged instrument that meets the demands of field work.

Rated to IP-67 standards even without the battery cover on.

Military-spec connectors and rubber over moulded case.

Post rental checklist & calibration report provided, click for an example.

YSI 556 Multi-Probe Field Meter

Combines the versatility of an easy to use and read handheld unit but with all the functionality of a multi-parameter water quality testing system.

Simultaneously measures dissolved Oxygen, Redox, conductivity, pH, temperature, and more

Probe guard protects sensors for down-well or open channel readings

Optional flowcell. Post rental checklist & calibration report provided, click for an example.

YSI Exo Water Quality Logger


The EXO Sonde from Xylem is a multiparameter water quality meter which can measure and log data. The EXO1 in the Van Walt rental stock will be configured to measure and log the following parameters simultaneously: pH, EC, Temperature, Redox, Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity. When connected to the Storm 3 telemetry unit, additionally, it will also report water level.

The EXO Sondes are very special and the result of a US$ 24 million investment programme. The idea was to create the ultimate water quality measuring device and no shortcuts were taken. The EXO's have a host of features, viewable on the specification sheets but a few are worth focusing on:

  • Wet mateable connectors. By the nature of their intended use, this type of device is rarely dry. This doesn't matter with the EXO's. Probes and cables can be disconnected and reconnected EVEN WHEN WET.
  • The electrodes are made of titanium for robustness and durability
  • Calibration data is stored WITHIN THE ELECTRODES so spares can be pre-calibrated and exchanged on site without the necessity of returning the entire unit back to base for recalibration.

The robust, multiparameter, 4-port EXO offers a wide range of capabilities for groundwater monitoring of:

  • Conductivity and Temperature
  • Optical Dissolved Oxygen
  • pH / ORP
  • Depth (integral)
  • Total Algae (Dual-channel Chlorophyll and Blue-green Algae)
  • Turbidity.


The EXO is smart, cost-effective and adaptable for the future. Its high-impact body is built to record water quality to depths of 250 meters. The data is stored on-board the instrument for downloading to a laptop on completion of the monitoring sequence.

The EXO logger is also available with telemetry.

  • Rugged and easy to use
  • High-accuracy sensors with on-board memory
  • Wireless communications to set-up, calibrate and deploy the instrument
  • Fast response times for profiling and sampling
  • In-built diagnostics to make setting-up and configuration even easier
  • Improved power management to extend deployment times
  • Quick and easy calibration in less than 15 minutes
  • Reliable and accurate with smart controls and guided prompts to reduce the opportunity for errors
  • Smart probes and active port monitoring automatically detects any sensor damage
  • Isolated components so prevents short circuits
  • Wet-mateable connectors that will resist corrosion
  • In built monitoring systems automatically scans for errors, monitors the memory status and continuously verifies the sensor operation to ensure successful deployment
  • Accurate data collection for up to 90 days.

Specifications: YSI Exo Water Quality Logger

EXO1 Specifications
Diameter 4.70 cm (1.85 in)
Length 64.77 cm (25.50 in)
Peripheral Ports 1 power communication port
Sensor Ports 4
Warranty, 1-Year pH, ORP and optical DO membranes
Warranty, 2-Year Cables, sonde bulkhead, handheld and the following sensors: conductivity, temperature, depth and optical sensors
Weight 1.42 kg (3.15 lbs)
General Sonde Specifications
Battery Life 90 days**
Communications Computer Interface: Bluetooth wireless technology (between sonde and handheld or computer with KOR software), RS-485, USB;
Output Options: USB with signal output adapter (SOA); RS-232 & SDI-12 with DCP-SOA.
Data Memory 512 MB total memory; >1,000,000 Logged readings
Depth Rating 0 to 250 m (0 to 820 ft)
Sample Rate Up to 4 Hz
Temperature - Operating -5 to +50°C
Temperature - Storage -20 to +80°C
**Typically 90 days at 20˚C at 15-minute logging interval; temperature / conductivity, pH/ORP, DO, and turbidity sensors installed on EXO1; or temperature/conductivity, pH/ORP, DO, total algae, and turbidity sensors installed with central wiper that rotates once per logging interval on EXO2. Battery life is heavily dependent on sensor configuration. Specifications indicate typical performance and are subject to change. Xenoy is a trademark of SABIC Innovative Plastics IP BV. EXO Bluetooth modules comply with Part 15C of FCC Rules and have FCC, CE Mark and C-tick approval. Bluetooth-type approvals and regulations can be country specific. Check local laws and regulations to insure that the use of wireless products purchased from Xylem are in full compliance. EXO components are not compatible with YSI 6-Series sondes, sensors, or handheld.

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Introducing the Xylem EXO1 Water Quality Sonde


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WTW pH Data Logger


Designed for long term, continuous pH surface and groundwater monitoring in challenging and difficult to access locations where a large quantity of reliable data is required.

Delivers stable, accurate measurements.

Is usually supplied pre-programmed to start at a specified time and the data is retrieved by Van Walt and supplied in CSV format.


  • Intelligent energy management for longer battery lifetime
  • Up to 600,000 data records
  • 25mm diameter for both ground and surface water monitoring
  • USB connection for fast data transfer to PC
  • Replaceable pH electrode
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • User-friendly software interface
  • LED status light provides information on memory and measurement operation
  • Quick start button to better control pH measurements
  • Fully backed by the Van Walt Technical team.

Specifications: WTW pH Data Logger

WTW pH Data Logger
pH Range * 0.000 to 20.000
mV Range * -1000.0 to +1000.0
Temperature Range * 23 to 221°F (-5.0 to +105.0°C)
pH Resolution 0.001
mV Resolution 0.1 mV
Temperature Resolution 0.1°F (0.1°C)
pH Accuracy * < 0.005 +1 Digit
mV Accuracy * < 0.2mV +1 Digit
Temperature Accuracy * < 0.1°F (0.1°C) +1 Digit
Temperature sensor Automatic recognition of the temperature sensor of the electrode: NTC 30 (30 kΩ at 25 °C / 77 °F) or Pt1000
Temperature Compensation Automatic
Calibration Automatic buffer detection
Measuring Medium:
Temp Range
pH Range

32 to 140 °F (0 to 60 °C)
2 to 12
Data Volume up to 600,000 data records
Sampling Interval adjustable: 1,5,10,30 s/ 1,5,10,15,30 min/ 1,2,3,6,9,12,24 hr
Power Supply Lithium ion battery (3.6V, AA size, 2600 mAh)
Battery Life Up to 16 months depending on the sample rate
USB Interface Type USB 1.1, USB-B (Device), data output
Protection Rating IP 68
Maximum Pressure/Depth 145 PSI (10 bar)/328 ft (100 m)
Storage Temperature -13 to 149°F (-25 to +65°C)
Material Metal parts (Stainless steel 1.4571**), Battery Compartment (Brass, gold-plated)
Size of Probe 0.98 inch Diameter x 15.83 inch L (25 mm dia. x 402 mm long), retaining hole 0.26 inch (6.5mm)
Weight 1.9 lb. (860 g) including electrode
Certificates CE
* The measuring ranges and accuracy exclusively refer to the measuring electronics of the pH datalogger without the electrode. For the measuring ranges and accuracy of the operable pH datalogger, the specifications of the electrode and buffer solutions have also to be taken into account. ** Stainless steel can be susceptible to corrosion at chloride concentrations of >500 mg/l.

pH SensoLyt Electrode

pH Range 2.000 to 12.000
Referenece Electrolyte Polymer, AgCl free
Junction Single hole junction
Shunt Element Ag/AgCl
Temp Range 32 to 140°F (0 to 60°C)
Membrane Resistance at 25°C < 500 MOhm
Maximum Pressure/Depth 145 PSI (10 bar)/328 ft (100 m)
Connection SMEK head, 6-pole
Material Shaft: Glass, O-rings: FPM (Viton), SMEK plug: PEEK with gold plated contacts
Dimensions 4.7 inch L x 1/2 inch Dia (120 mm L x 12 mm Dia)
Weight 1.6 oz (45 g)

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Water Level Meter (with optional Auto Shut-off)

Designed to provide reliable and accurate measurements of groundwater levels

Highly accurate polyethylene coated steel tape marked in metric increments

Tape with mm resolution.

Audible and visible alarms activated when the probe makes contact with water

Adjustable sensitivity to maximise efficiency

Optional auto shut-off for low flow sampling available when used with our Bladder Pump.

Oil Interface Meter

Used to accurately measure oil and water levels in monitoring wells

Detecting tank leakage

Highly accurate Kynar ® coated steel tape

Teflon ® and stainless steel probe

Tape with mm resolution.

ATEX Certified Interface Meter


An ATEX certified Interface Meter with LNAP and DNAPL detection for monitoring in landfill, remediation and petrochemical industries:


  • ATEX certified zone 0
  • Safe detection
  • Simple to operate
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Accurate measurement
  • Sealed electronics
  • Narrow diameter probe for use in most wells
  • Buzzer and light indicator
  • Rugged, field-ready construction.


  • Contaminated land
  • Remediation projects
  • Brownfield sites
  • Storage tank dipping

Specifications: ATEX Certified Interface Meter

Physical Specifications
Version IM1.1-30 / IM1.1-60 / IM1.1-100
Method of operation Manual use of tape / probe.
Lower tape into well to achieve audible tone and visual light display on contact with product or water.
Peripheral Ports 1 power communication port
Dimensions & Weight H 340 mm, W 250 mm, D 200 mm
Reel weight: 2.00 kg
Tape weight per 30 mm: 1.28 kg
Tape - Millimetre graduations
- Kynar jacketed tape
- Breaking load of 120 kg
Available lengths 30m, 60m, & 100m
Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C
Power source 9V Battery (must be Duracell MN 1604)
Tape accuracy EC Class II standard
Probe 16 mm diameter
Materials Of Manufacture
Tape Kynar jacketed tape
Reel Steel
Frame Tough polyester coated steel frame with vinyl grip
Probe Stainless steel
ATEX certificate number SIRA 04ATEX2366
ATEX Certifi cation II 1G Ex ia IIB T4 Ga (-20°C≤ +40°C)

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Phocheck Tiger

PID Phocheck Tiger

Handheld VOC detector for volatile organic compounds

A wide detection range of 1 parts per billion (ppb) to 20,000 parts per million (ppm)

Tough, reliable and accurate with no need for temperature and humidity compensation

Easy to use with no complex set up routines – out of the box performance.

ATEX certified.

LEL Personal Protection Monitor


A robust and accurate portable gas detector with audible and visual alarms which sound in the event of exposure to flammable gases, oxygen and a wide range of toxic gases onsite.

Detecting and displaying up to four gases simultaneously this monitor can be configured to detect a combination of Methane (or other flammable gases), Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide.

Ideal for keeping you safe on petrol forecourts or landfill sites.


  • Simple one-button operation
  • No complex set up routines – out of the box performance
  • Internal Pump
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Can be calibrated to either Methane or Pentane depending on your required application
  • Audible, visual and vibrating alarms
  • Lightweight yet robust construction
  • Sensor integrity checking
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Fully backed by the Van Walt Technical team.

Specifications: LEL Personal Protection Monitor

Size: 121 x 59 x 32mm (4.8" x 2.3" x 1.3")
Weight: 230g (8oz) with pump 215g (7.6oz) without pump
Temperature: -20oC to +50oC (-4oF to 122oF)
Humidity: 0 to 95% R.H non-condensing
Alarms: Highly visible flashing LED, piercing >90dB audible
Display: Green and red LCD backlight display
Datalogging: Timed: 24 hours of timed logs at 1 log per minute
Session: Minimum of 180 logs
Calibration: Minimum of 8 calibration logs
Bump Logs: Minimum of 180 logs
Battery: Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
Run Time: Up to 14 hrs (diffusion)
Charging Time < 4 hrs
Enclosure: High impact rubberized polycarbonate case
Drop Test: 3m (10ft)
IP Rating: IP67 (Dust-tight and waterproof to 1m)
Response Times: (T90):LEL = 10 secs (IEC 60079-29-1)
O2 = 12 secs (BSEN 50 104)
CO < 20 secs
H2S < 20 secs
Approvals: IEC Ex ia d IIC T4 Gb
ATEX Ex II 2 G Ex ia d IIC T4
CSA Class 1 Div 1 Groups A,B,C,D, T4
Class 1, Zone 1 EX ia d IIC T4
MED (0038/YY) - Module B & E

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PID - MiniRAE2000

VOC monitor for air pollution, soil, well and water headspace analysis

An extended range of 0 - 10,000 ppm

Built-in menu with over 100 compounds

Sample draw up to 30 meters

Calibrated and ready charged

ATEX certified.

Tetra 3

Tetra 3 Personal Multigas Monitor

A flexible, portable, multigas monitor for the detection of flammable gases, oxygen and a wide range of toxic gases. The Tetra 3 is intrinsically safe with embedded software designed to the exacting requirements of IEC 61508-3 for data and event logging.

With reliable and dependable operation the Tetra 3 can measure up to four gases and has a built in vibrating alarm, a dual colour visual alarm and a loud 94dBA audible alarm.

*Available in New Zealand only.

GA5000 Portable Landfill Gas Analyser

*Available in New Zealand only.


A landfill and contaminated land portable gas analyser for measurements of CH4, CO2, O2, H2S and CO. Internal pump and flow pod. Capable of gas analysis, pressure test and flow test. Easy to use, the GA5000 is reliable and accurate for monitoring:

  • Landfill gas
  • Waste to energy sites
  • Site investigation.


  • Certified: ATEX, IECEx, CSA, MCERTS and UKAS calibration (ISO17025)
  • Measures percentage CH4, CO2, and O2
  • Easy transfer of data
  • Measures barometric pressure and relative pressure
  • Easy to use
  • Peak and previous readings shown
  • Choice of user settings and simple gas reading function
  • Simultaneous display of all gases
  • CH4 and CO2 accuracy ± 0.5% after calibration
  • Memory: 2,000 IDs* and 4,000 readings (* with GAM software)
  • Data logging and profiling function
  • Standardises monitoring routines
  • Fully backed by the Van Walt Technical team.

Specifications: GA5000 Portable Landfill Gas Analyser

Size: L 220mm, W 155mm, D 60mm
Weight: 1.6 kilograms
Case Material: ABS/ polypropylene with rubber over-moulding
Keys: Alpha-numeric keypad with "tactile" membrane
Display: Ultra-clear high resolution 4.3" full colour TFT
Connections: Colour coded gas inlet, outlet and pressure ports. Waterproof USB port, anemometer and charger/ temperature probe connections
Gas sample filters: External user changeable 2.0µm ptfe water traps
Battery type: Rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery pack (not user replaceable)
Battery life: Typical use 8 hours from fully charged
Battery charger: Separate intelligent battery charger powered from mains supply (100-240V)
Charge time: Approximately 4 hours from complete discharge
Gas cells: Cell Range Typical Accuracy
(range : accuracy)
Typical Accuracy
(range : accuracy)
CH4 0-100% 0-70% : ±0.5% (vol) 70-100% : ±1.5% (vol)
CO2 0-100% 0-60% : ±0.5% (vol) 60-100% : ±1.5% (vol)
O2 0-25% 0-25% : ±1% (vol)  
Cell Range Typical Accuracy
CO 0-500ppm ± 2.0% FS
H2S 0-1,000ppm ± 2.0% FS
H2S 0-10,000ppm ± 5.0% FS
H2 0-1,000ppm ± 2.5% FS
Response time: CH4 ≤ 10 seconds
CO2 ≤ 10 seconds
O2 ≤ 20 seconds
CO ≤ 30 seconds
H2S ≤ 30 seconds
H2 ≤ 90 seconds
Typical accuracies: All typical accuracies quoted are after calibration
Hydrogen compensated CO measurement:

Hydrogen cross gas effect on carbon monoxide approximately 1%. Do not use where hydrogen is in excess of 10,000ppm.

Flow from borehole: 0-20 l/hr internal measurement
Flow from borehole accuracy: ±0.3 l/hr
Alarm: User selectable alarm levels
Communications: Via USB lead or wireless Bluetooth*
Relative pressure measurement: ±500 mbar
Relative pressure accuracy: ±4 mbar typically (should be zeroed before reading) to ±15 mbar maximum
Barometric pressure measurement: 500 to 1500 mbar, ±5 mbar accuracy
Available memory: 2,000 IDs*, 4,000 readings, 2,000 events*
Operating temperature range: -10°C to +50°C
Atmospheric pressure range: 700 – 1200 mbar
Relative humidity: 0-95% non-condensing
Case seal: IP65
ATEX: II 2G Ex ib IIA T1 Gb (Ta = -10°C to +50°C)
MCERTS: MC130238
ISO17025: Calibration to UKAS certificate number 4533
CSA: IP65 Ex ib IIA T1 (Ta= -10°C to +50°C) (Canada), AEx ib IIA T1 (Ta= -10°C to +50°C) (USA)

Videos, Manuals & Downloads

GA5000 Landfill Gas Analyser Quick Start Guide

  • Quick Start Guide - Coming soon...


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Diver Water Level Logger

Monitors groundwater levels and temperature.

Cera-Diver option available for monitoring under potentially corrosive conditions.

Small and light being just 90mm in length and 22mm diameter.

Up to 24,000 measurements (a measurement every 10 minutes over a 6 month period).

Built in battery life of 10 years.

Easy and quick programming in the field or office.

Baro-Diver readout device and software for barometric pressure measurement.

Additionally an e+CONTROL read and write device is available to rent with the Diver:

    1. Reads data and configures Diver data
    2. Up to 80.000.000 measurements
    3. USB connection

Well Modem

A new generation of field modem that can be 'hidden' for remote groundwater monitoring in the field.

Offsite measurement of fluctuations in groundwater levels (Diver) with an option for barametric data (Baro-Diver).

Data transferred by SMS or GPRS and downloadable directly to your PC.

Variable send intervals from 15 minutes to 40 days.

With a 48.3 mm diameter will fit inside a 2 inch well.

Long battery life with low battery alarm.


The YSI ProODO has an optical single parameter sensor for the determination of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) but also registers and displays temperature and barometric pressure for increased accuracy. A handheld meter with military-spec connectors; a rugged, weighted probe guard and supplied with a field tested 10m cable, this meter is ideal for any field application.

Post rental checklist & calibration report provided.

TDR Soil Moisture Systems

A range of sensors, data loggers, meters, readout devices and telemetry options for taking soil moisture measurements in the top layer; soil profiling manually on site or automatically with fixed installations with or without telemetry.

Immediate soil moisture readings as percent by volume

Systems can be networked for automated measurements

Compact Turbimeter


A compact turbimeter from Palintest® measures turbidity and total suspended solids (TSS), the two most important indicator parameters for water quality. The Compact Turbimeter uses unique QuadoptiX™ technology to provide:

  • Maximum reliability and accuracy in the field
  • Variety of operating/reading modes including Total Suspended Solids
  • Full data log including time, date, Operator ID, Sample ID & calibration record for GLP compliance
  • Operates to ISO 7027 standard
  • Accurate for samples containing mobile/settling solids or very low turbidity values
  • Dual validation approach for TSS measurement
  • Optimised for specific sample requirements of normal, average, continuous capture & rapid qualitative evaluation
  • Data stored within the meter for future manipulation and recall

Operates according to ISO 7027 standard, with a wide dynamic range from 0 – 1050 NTU, the Compact Turbimeter is ideal to provide robust and reliable measurement of water turbidity and suspended solids for environmental research, offering a Total Suspended Solids calibration option and continuous measurement mode for settling samples. Delivered in a portable hard case, complete with SDVB calibration standards, the Compact Turbimeter provides accurate field measurement for turbidity and Total Suspended Solids.

Specifications: Compact Turbimeter

Compact Turbimeter
Model Number: CT12 Compact Turbimeter
Ingress Protection: IP 67
Weight: 340g (inc batteries)
Dimensions (H x W x L): 50 x 82 x 225mm
Temp/Humidity Limit: 0 - 50°C, 90%
User Interface: Backlit LCD screen, four soft keys, power button
Power: 2 'AA' batteries, 5000 readings average, power indication and auto-off
Optical System: QuadoptiX™ system, 860nm LED source
Reading Modes: Normal, Average (Short, Medium, Long), Continuous Capture, Rapid, Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
Result Units: NTU, FTU, FNU, mg/l (TSS)
Range: 0 - 1050 NTU
Accuracy: 2% of reading
Resolution: 0.01 NTU up to 9.99 NTU, 0.1 NTU up to 99.9 NTU, 1 NTU above 100 NTU
Repeatability: 1%
Cuvette Diameter: 25mm
Turbidity Calibration: Four point using SDVB standards (provided) or Formazin
TSS Calibration: Direct factor entry (up to 12) or correlation
Operator ID: Alphanumeric, up to 12
Sample ID: Alphanumeric, up to 12
Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian
Result Log: 100 data points including time, date, Operator ID, Sample ID, measurement mode
Calibration Log: Last 12 good calibrations including time, date, operator ID


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