TTFM 6.1 Transit-Time Flow Meter

The TTFM 6.1 Transit-Time Flow Meter from Pulsar Measurement accurately measures the flow rate of fluids in full pipes. This clamp-on, ultrasonic flow meter measures flow from outside a pipe with no contact with process fluid. It is easy to install and shutdown-free. Configuration is simple and a calibration certificate included.

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  • Non-invasive flow measurement of “clean” fluids like water and chemicals
  • Different sizes available to measure 15 mm to 1,200 mm pipe diameters
  • Intuitive, quick setup menu for easy installation
  • Works on all common pipe materials
  • Interchangeable clamp-on transducers
  • Standard mounting hardware
  • Ideal for retrofits and new installations
  • No moving parts, so little-to-no maintenance required
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TTFM 6.1 Transit-Time Flow Meter Equipment Options:


  • Treated water
  • Raw water
  • Cooling water
  • Chemicals
  • DI/RO water



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