StarFlow QSD Flow Meter

Monitoring water velocity, depth and temperature of water flowing in rivers, streams, open channels and large Pipes, the Starflow QSD uses this information to calculate flow rate and total flow.

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  • Robust, reliable and easy to use absolute sensor
  • Range of up to 10 m
  • Sealed against water ingress
  • Low maintenance, low power, no calibration and no complicated power arrangements required
  • Uses ultrasonic Doppler Principle in Quadrature Sampling Mode to measure water velocity
  • Incorporates ultrasonic depth sensor and an absolute pressure depth sensor
  • Works with barometric pressure sensors
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StarFlow QSD Flow Meter Equipment Options:


  • Automated Water Quality & Flow
  • Irrigation channel measurement & control
  • Flood monitoring / flood alerts
  • Rivers & streams monitoring
  • Surface water monitoring
  • Industrial outflow monitoring


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