Water Level Meters

Our Water Level Meters are designed to provide reliable and accurate measurements of groundwater levels and depth in boreholes, monitoring wells, tanks and surface water. Highly accurate polyethylene coated steel tape marked in metric increments with mm resolution.

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Audible and visible alarms activated when the probe makes contact with water. Adjustable sensitivity to maximise efficiency with robust construction for the accurate detection and measurement of water level in the most rugged of field conditions.

  • Available in 30m, 60m and 100m lengths
  • Lightweight steel and aluminum storage reel for easy transportation and durability in the field
  • Audible and visible alarms activated on reel when probe contacts water
  • Accurate Polyethylene coated steel tape marked in mm increments
  • Fully field replaceable probe is only 16mm in diameter
  • Water resistant padded carrying case to protect instrument
  • Adjustable sensitivity to prevent false triggering
  • When combined with a Geocontrol Pro & Bladder Pump an auto shut-off for low flow sampling is available.

Water Level Meters Equipment Options:

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  • Water level measurements of electrically-conducting liquids in boreholes, wells and tanks (in ATEX- free zones only)
  • Long-term observations for periodic level soundings
  • Continuous water level registration during pumping tests
  • Additional sounding of well depths using the bottom sensor (accessory)


Available in 5 styles
Type 10 on Plastic Frame
Type 25 on Metal Frame
Type 15 Handheld, no Frame
Type 20 Mini Handheld, no Frame
Depth Indicator


Dip Meters
Measuring probe materials
Stainless steel and electroplated brass, easy to clean
Measuring probe dimensions
Ø 15 mm, length 195 mm; Ø 12 mm, length 70 mm
Power supply
4 x 1.5 V batteries / size C; 1 x 9 Volt
Operating temperature range
-30 °C up to +75 °C
Recommended storage temperature
+5 °C up to +30 °C, for battery protection
Safety class for probe
IP 68, permanently pressure resistant
Safety class measuring tape drum
IP 64, spray water resistant
Measuring tape
– Bifilar strip made of white polyethylene with 2 stainless steel wires
– Resistant to ultraviolet rays and to contaminated or salt water
– Metres printed in red; cm divisions and dm figures in black
Depth Indicator
Measuring cable
– Galvanized steel, diameter 2mm
– Special version with stainless steel 316
– Consecutive numeration engraved on the brass marks either every 1 metre or 5 metres
Measuring ranges
– The following cable lengths are available as standard: 50 m / 100 m / 150 m / 200 m / 250 m / 300 m / 500 m / 750 m / 1000 m
– Special lengths on request
Sounding line weight
– Stainless steel, diameter 34mm. length 130mm / up to 200 m length of measuring cable
– Stainless steel, diameter 34mm. length 170mm / from 200 m length of measuring cable


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