Flow Probe

The Flow Probe is a highly accurate water velocity instrument for measuring water flow in open channels and partially filled pipes. It can be used to measure the true average water velocity with one reading per second so a continuous average water velocity is displayed.

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  • Accurate digital display in ft/sec or m/sec
  • Records 30 data sets for later analysis
  • Unique Turbo-Prop propeller sensor, which uses the most accurate positive displacement technique available for velocity sensing
  • Rain-proof digital computer that receives an electrical signal from the propeller, amplifies the signal, and converts the reading to meters per second.
  • LCD screen displays average, minimum, and maximum water velocity readings.
  • Up to 30 sets of data readings can be stored and can be reviewed on the computer screen for later analysis.
  • Highly accurate easy flow monitoring
  • Debris shedding turbo-prop
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Flow Probe Equipment Options:


  • Storm water runoff studies
  • Sewer flow measurements
  • Measuring flows in rivers and streams
  • Monitoring water velocity in ditches and canals


  • Optional Alignment Fin
  • Optional Swivel Head


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