Water Quality Meters you can trust

August 5, 2011

If you work onsite monitoring water quality you will know for the rigours of field use only the most rugged, accurate, reliable and flexible meter solutions are an option. After almost a decade of experience in environmental research, for us, only YSI and Aquaread® water quality meters make the grade.


Aquaread™ is an award winning British manufacturer of multi-parameter water quality test equipment for groundwater and surface water
field use.  Modern, reliable, robust, well designed meters and probes that are quick and intuitive, recording accurate field data with all expected choices for data transfer and flexible options including down-well logging of water quality parameters or connection to a telemetry system for in-office data collection and analysis.


For field use YSI has an established track record. Rugged, reliable, accurate – this equipment has all the attributes a field meter should possess. Quite simply the benchmark for what a field water quality meter should be.

For more information on our water quality meters visit www.vanwalt.com or call us on 01428 661 660.

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