Soil Recovery Augers

Soil Recovery Augers for the collection of semi-disturbed samples directly into a liner. These augers are ideal for sampling volatile compounds. Uniquely, the Soil Recovery Auger gathers the soil into a liner while creating a borehole that is wider than the cylinder for easy removal of the sample in one action.

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  • Ideal for sampling volatile compounds
  • Collects a semi-disturbed sample
  • Easier to collect and extract the sample
  • Protective sealings help reduce the loss of volatile compounds
  • Easy to decontaminate with a smooth finish
  • Available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Liners and caps available
  • Soil Recovery Augers comprise of stainless steel cylinder, hollow top cap with an attached bail, solid-vented top cap, plastic liner, end caps, and a universal slip wrench.

Soil Recovery Augers Equipment Options:


  • Volatile compound analysis
  • Soil profile description and classification
  • Environmental soil research



58514 – Hex Quick Pin extensions rods 91 cm


58504 – Standard Handle
306.071 – Ratcheting Handle
55647 – Idaho Spoon
Carrying Bag
Auger Liners
Tube Cutter for easy & safe sample retrieval
Soil Recovery Augers
83 mm
25 cm
Soil Recovery Auger – Carbon Steel
1.5 kg
83 mm
25 cm
Soil Recovery Auger – Stainless Steel
1.5 kg
Soil Recovery Augers Accessories
Hex Quick Pin Spare



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