Window Sampling System

The Van Walt percussion Window Sampling System is a powerful, non-destructive, low disturbance site investigation tool. It uses laser cut, high entry efficiency samplers so it is easy to use. It incorporates our unique, robust, no maintenance, left hand thread RD32 connection.

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The Van Walt Window Sampling System is ideal for sampling and research in sites with restricted access, where there is the potential for contaminated samples, when an undisturbed sample is required or you are sampling for the exploration of base metals or for mineral deposits, like gold and other precious metals.

Simply – the best window sampling system currently on the market.

  • Custom sets available to cater for your needs
  • Easy retrieval of samples in hard soils which may contain rubble and/or stones
  • Light in weight and mobile for drillers working in difficult to access sites. A typical window sampling set to achieve depths of 6 metres will weigh in the region of 200 kg with the heaviest item being the hammer at 25kg.
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Window Sampling System Equipment Options:


  • Soil profile description and classification
  • Soil sampling above groundwater table
  • Soil sampling below groundwater table
  • Environmental soil research
  • Undisturbed sampling


Lost Cone Drilling Set
For installing 1 inch wells when there is no need to take samples. Particularly relevant in stony soils and gravels. For drilling straight, deep monitoring wells up to 10m in depth. A specially designed cone is mechanically hammered into the soil to produce a very straight bore hole. Using this equipment makes it easier to reach depths up to 10m and the friction on extracting the casing is reduced. After drilling the ‘lost’ cone is left in the soil. This has no environmental impact as the construction material of the cone is found in soils naturally.
Ideal for inserting groundwater monitoring wells in stony soils and gravels
Non-toxic, environmentally neutral lost cone point that can safely be left in the soil
A fast and efficient drilling method
Available as a complete set
Easy to transport
The special shape of the lost cone ensures there is less friction when the casing is inserted and extracted again
Ideal and safe for making holes for the installation of explosives in mining
Soil Column Cylinder Auger
For the collection of undisturbed soil samples of 100cm length and 90mm diameter, without digging a profile pit. The auger is mechanical hammered into the soil and extraction is very easy. The cylinder has a removable side cover for analysing or sub-sampling the soil column. Easily portable and simple to operate the Soil Column Cylinder Auger can be used in virtually any soil type, even between crops.
Large soil sample: 100cm length and 90mm diameter
Easily, mechanically hammered into any soil type without the need for a profile pit
Saves time and minimises disturbance, so can even be used between crops
Easy extraction of the sample
Undisturbed sample
After one sample the total soil profile can be analysed
Very portable
Simple to operate
Sample size allows for easy sub-sampling



Foil Liner
To capture a profile in a liner there is a window-less sampler which uses a unique foil liner. The foil liners are cheap, easy to store, to transport and designed to make it easy to retrieve the sample, unlike the more expensive rigid PVC liners used on other systems.


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