BaroSCOUT logger records and monitors atmospheric pressure. Barometrically compensates water level logger readings. So you get accurate water level measurements.

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  • A datalogger that accurately measures and records barometric pressure and temperature
  • Easy, straightforward barometric compensation
  • Low power so battery lasts at least 4 years
  • Great flexibility with Modbus® RTU (RS485) protocols
  • No desiccant tubes, bellows or vent tubes required
  • Latest technology that incorporates and improves on recognised groundwater data logger equipment
  • More exact with ± 0.05% FS accuracy
  • Small 2.22cm (0.875″) diameter
  • Stores 50,000 records with a non-volatile memory to eliminate data loss in the event of a power failure
  • Ability to connect wirelessly

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