Remediation Equipment

November 11, 2010

Environmental remediation equipment is used for the removal of pollution or contaminants from soil, groundwater, sediment or surface water in wells, sumps and trenches or from brownfield sites intended for redevelopment. For contaminated water the equipment uses an oleophilic/hydrophobic element which passes oil but repels water. A system is ‘passive’ when the equipment absorbs or containerises product in the equipment within the well.  It is described as ‘active’ when it uses a pumping facility to bring the product to the surface. The process of remediation is often strictly monitored and regulated with regard to health and ecological risks.

There are many remediation techniques but they can be categorised into ex-situ and in-situ methods. Ex-situ methods involve the excavation of affected soils and subsequent treatment at the surface; in-situ methods seek to treat the contamination without removing the soils.

We have a range of in-situ remediation equipment to ‘pump and treat’.  Much of this remediation equipment is available to either rent or buy.  It includes handheld VOC monitors (PID), absorbent socks, skimmers and pumps.  We also provide remediation training as part of our new Practical Fieldwork Theory & Techniques environmental training course.

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