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  • Van Veen Grab

    The Van Veen Grab is an easy to use surface sampler for river and lake beds, giving you a quick indication of sediment type. The Van Veen Grab gives you a semi disturbed sample of river and lake beds and large sumps.
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  • Multisampler

    The Multisampler is a specialised sampler for sludges and sediments, this piston type sampler gives good material retention and undisturbed samples, it is Ideal for visual identification, classification and sub-sampling for environmental and agronomy research. Suitable for sampling lakes, wetlands, river beds and sludges within a tank. REQUIRED: Multi Sampler Tube - 12.42.02, cost: £45.50

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  • Beeker Sampler

    The Beeker Sampler is a very sophisticated sediment sampler; it can be used to take undisturbed samples of sediments and submerged soils. Completely undisturbed samples are captured in an acrylic sampling tube and an inflatable bladder resides within the cutting shoe to ensure perfect sample retention. REQUIRED: Beeker Sampler Tube l, cost £60.50
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