When only the best will do

January 6, 2014

Standard equipment for ascertaining the level of your groundwater in a borehole is a water level meter.  These mobile units are characterised by being simple, fast and easy to use, delivering accurate results, day in, day out.

Van Walt offers a variety of models depending on the level of water you are measuring so we provide different, standard cable lengths of 30m, 50m, 60m & 100m lengths with longer lengths available to order up to 1000 meters. You can select the appropriate unit according to your individual requirements in cable length or operating convenience.  We provide four varieties of water level meter on a plastic frame; a metal frame; a handheld unit with no frame and a mini handheld with no frame. Whichever you choose each comes with a two year warranty, no disturbing parts or supports when winding and is robust yet light in weight for easy handling.

All our Water Level Meters are equipped with visual signalling on water contact, as a standard feature. Optionally, all units can be extended to include acoustic signalling and a bottom sensor to sound the depth of the borehole.

The probe is just 15mm in diameter so will comfortably fit most boreholes.  The measuring units are universally recognised all over the world as they have been in use for many years and so set the standard for accurate and precise measurements.

For more information on our range of Water Quality Meters visit https://www.vanwalt.com/water-level-dip-meters.html#waterlevel or to rent https://www.vanwalt.com/rental-meters.htm#KeckWaterLevelMeter.

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