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Water Dip Meters & Accessories

Water Level or Dip Meters

Water Level or Dip Meters are used to measure water depth. They are available in various lengths from 10 metres to 100 metres. Graduations are in cm increments and trigger a light and sound signal when immersed in water. Units can be extended to include acoustic signalling and a bottom sensor to sound the depth of the well you are monitoring.

Oil Interface Meters

We offer several Oil Interface Meters to detect hydrocarbons as thin as 1.52mm in wells as small as 19mm. Available in lengths from 30m to 200m with both audible and visible alarms and tapes graduated to 1 mm. Each has different sized probes and some are certified intrinsically safe for use in hazardous locations.

Measuring Water Levels

A range of options to measure and monitor water levels

Whatever your application we have the equipment to help you measure water levels. From water level or dip meters to the highly accurate INW AquiStar® sensors that will detect minute changes in water parameters including level, pressure, temperature, conductivity, pH and ORP.

These sensors complement our water level logger of choice: LevelSCOUT. These water level loggers incorporate the latest in technology to create a leading-edge instrument for measuring and recording groundwater level and temperature. Produced by the highly regarded Seametrics team in collaboration with new colleagues from a merger with Instrumentation North West (INW), these loggers incorporate the accuracy of the proven INW AquiStar range with new electronics to create an easy to use, deploy, read-out and connect water level logger, that has many advantages over the leading competition.

Water Level Monitoring

The flexibility of the LevelSCOUT range of water level loggers means they can be deployed and read-out with a standard communication kit or linked to a telemetry system for safe, secure long-term monitoring.

Millimetre accuracy

INW AquiStar® Smart Sensors are designed and built for field use to record data, control system operations and communicate over a telemetry network, if desired. These smart sensors will send instant updates, compensate for interference, communicate with other devices and store up to 520,000 readings. They only require a low power source, which is user replaceable, so are ideal for long-term deployment.

Data stored on an INW AquiStar® Smart Sensor can be read using the USB Communication Kit which directly connects the sensors to a field laptop or computer. The kit includes Aqua4Plus control software to allow for viewing the status of a sensor, monitoring real-time data, creating flexible and powerful test sequences and more. These highly accurate sensors work well when connected to the vanwaltCONNECT system to bring vital data directly to your desktop, with the addition of early warning alarms, ideal for flood warnings.

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