Trime Pico TDR Soil Moisture Sensor & Display Unit

For accurate determination of soil moisture content

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Trime Pico TDR Soil Moisture Sensor & Display Unit. Measures soil moisture, temperature and conductivity.

TDR (Time Domain Reflectrometry) technology designed for the determination of soil moisture content. Data can be read from a handheld unit. It has good quality capacitance probes which are very accurate, especially when used in “difficult” sediments. Such as heavy clays or those high in organic matter content. The soil moisture content is calculated inside the unit. The collected data can be read from the handheld unit.


  • Mobile soil moisture device
  • Accurate and clear onsite readings
  • Robust and easy to use
  • Convenient one-handed operation
  • Strong, durable and waterproof construction
  • Designed for onsite conditions
  • All relevant information displayed on one screen
  • Reliable and practical.
  • Contains calibration curves for some “standard” sediments.
  • Highly sophisticated TDR probe
  • Onsite monitoring of soil moisture in top layers
  • Fast and accurate measurements in soil, sand & gravel
  • Very accurate TDR technology
  • Measures 3 Parameters: Water Content, Temperature and Conductivity
  • Measures direct 0…100% vol. soil water content
  • Bulk soil electrical conductivity up to 20dS/m
  • Large measurement volume > 1250ml
  • Rugged  and suitable for long-term installations
  • Integrated soil temperature sensor
  • Interchangeable rods
  • Reliable solution for heterogeneous and stony soils
  • Small measuring volume permits high spatial resolution
  • Burying capability for both horizontal and vertical orientation.
Pico HD2 Meter
Height 36mm
Width 64mm
Length 150mm
Weight 437g
Power Consumption Power Down ca. 35μA
Idle - Background Illum. OFF - Background Illum. Max ca. 26mA ca. 56mA
Measurement ca. 350 mA
Measurement per Charge 20°C / Background Illum. Max Mode – Continuous Measurement ca. 5000
Storage Temperature -30°C up to 80°C
Operating Temperature -20°C up to 70°C
Charging Temperature 10°C up to 30°C
Charging Voltage Nom. 12V, Max. 15V, Min. 12V
Charging Current ca. 1A
Charging Time At exhaustively discharged accumulator. 2h
Accumulator Ni-MH (4 x 1.2V) (AA), 2000mAh, >1500 Measurements
Physical BUS RS485
Bus-Protocol IMP-BUS-Protocol II
IMP-Bus Port Settings 8 Data Bits, 2 Stop Bits, Odd Parity
  Specification: Pico 64 TDR Probe
Power supply: 7V..24V-DC
Power consumption: 100mA @ 12V/DC during 2..3sec. of measuring
Moisture measuring range: 0..100% volumetric water content
Accuracy (in % volumetric water content):
Conductivity range: 0..6dS/m 6..20dS/m > 20dS/m
Moisture range 0..40%: ±1% ±2% with material specific calibration
Moisture range 40..70%: ±2% ±3%
Repeating accuracy: ±0.2% ±0.3%
Temperature caused drift of electronics (full range): ±0.3%
Soil temperature measuring range: -15°C...50°C
Soil temperature measuring accuracy: ±1,5°C absolute, ±0,5°C relative
Measurement volume: 1,25L ≙ 160x100mm diameter
Operating Temperature: -15°C...50°C (extended temperature range on request)
Calibration: Calibration for a wide range of standard soil
standard calibration for most soils customizable material specific calibration storage of up to 15 user defined calibration curves calibration of dialectric permittivity is possible
Probe body: waterproof sealed PVC (IP68)
Size: 155 x Ø63mm
Rod length: standard: 160mm
Rod diameter: 6mm
Interfaces: IMP-BUS RS485 Analogue output: 2x 0..1V, 0(4)..20mA*

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