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Latest Newsletter - Issue 18

Van Walt's all new water quality telemetry system

By combining a logger and a data converter with a telemetry system we can now offer an onsite solution for environmental data collection of parameters such as depth, turbidity, pH, ORP, EC, RES, DO, TDS, SAL, SSG, Temperature and barometric pressure for both surface and groundwater applications.

This cost effective system is suitable for short or long term unattended deployment providing accurate results set at whatever intervals your research requires relaying the data back to your office based PC.  An example of collected data from our own onsite test equipment is available on our website:, password guest01.

We are delighted that several of these systems are already installed at a wind farm in Ireland measuring pH, temperature, conductivity, TDS, DO and turbidity onsite. The system, consisting of an Aquaread AP1000 probe, Black Box, Data converter and telemetry system will collect data at regular intervals and relay the data directly to an office offsite.

After the initial enquiry the requirement went from going out regularly to test the site for the required parameters; going out less frequently to gather data logged on site to sitting in an office and receiving the data directly to a PC – at intervals from every 15 minutes to once a day.

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