Monitoring in the Cardrona Mountains, New Zealand

To ensure optimum Ski Conditions

The Requirement

To report on a range of meteo and environmental parameters including water level; water quality and water flow to ensure compliance with the regional New Zealand Regulator when it comes to water extraction from mountain streams. The customer needed to monitor the impact of site activities at a Ski Resort further down the mountain and along the natural river courses, with the ultimate goal being to ensure artificial snow is created only when the area’s natural resources are at optimum levels so no damage is caused to the environment.

Our Solution

The deployment and full installation with on-going maintenance of a powerful and extensive telemetry system comprising of different sensors for different environmental parameters, attached to a variety of vanwaltDATASLAVEs, each talking to strategically placed vanwaltDATAHUBs to ensure complete coverage of a large geographical area, in a cost effective and efficient way. The system needs to be robust to deal with extremes of weather and deal with mountainous conditions which sometimes means poor lines of sight and extremely low temperatures. Data needs to be uploaded regularly and is used to monitor the switching of additional equipment on the ski fields like pumps to feed artificial snow machines, as well as ensuring compliance with the regulator.