You need to measure Nitrates? There are options!

25th January 2022

Nitrogen is an essential food for plant growth.  In order to get that Nitrogen, plants will assimilate it in a large way in the form of Nitrates. Those three atoms of Oxygen and one atom of Nitrogen produce...

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Van Walt goes to Kenya

29th December 2021

Kenya December 2021

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Why do Bees Build Hexagons?

23rd September 2021

Mathematician Thomas Hales explains the Honeycomb Conjecture in the context of bees. Hales proved that the hexagon tiling (hexagonal honeycomb) is the most efficient way to maximise area whilst minimising...

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Connection types and the Hex Quick Pin

4th May 2021

There are straight threads and there are tapered threads, some are metric, some are imperial and some are bespoke to a particular manufacturer or organisation; the pitch of the thread can be all over the...

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Coming of Age

20th April 2021

Van Walt has just celebrated its 40th birthday.  It’s a milestone but one which came and went with little fanfare. Not because it’s unimportant but because we continue working to the core values that...

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Van Walt Ireland

14th January 2021

“When we are old and grey, what will we look back on and wish we did differently? What memories will we cherish, what choices (or lack thereof) will we regret?” (J.R.R. Tolkien)

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Project Gotham

27th November 2020

It is to my shame that I must confess that in the year prior to the pandemic I clocked up 116,000 airmiles. It would seem logical to assume that as a seasoned traveller a short hop to the south of Spain...

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Of Data Collection and Procrastination

25th October 2020

“Be wise to-day; ’tis madness to defer;

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LevelSCOUT Four Years On

4th June 2020

I’ve been reviewing  some LevelSCOUT pictures. Clearly I was trying to find the fusion of a jewel and elegance and "tough as old boots".  Hmmmm. Perhaps I didn't quite succeed but they reminded me...

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