The vanwaltHex-Pump is a high-quality peristaltic pump for low flow purging and sampling. It is a premium pump made from high-grade components. It is a strong, field-tested, easy-to-use pump for use in the toughest conditions for low-flow sampling and purging. The pump is entirely designed and manufactured by Van Walt.

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Product Details


  • Specified, designed and manufactured by Van Walt
  • A high-quality peristaltic pump for low flow sampling
  • Strong, powder coated aluminium hexagon design
  • 3 mm marine grade stainless steel front plateCE-approved for field use
  • Highest grade components chosen for their performance, robustness and reliability with high torque, stepless brushless motor
  • Designed for regular, long and frequent use
  • Well-constructed, modular design for extended life and ownership
  • Easy-load pump head
  • Requires just one size of silicone tubing
  • High capacity 24 V system with highest-quality gel batteries for efficiency
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Easy to transport and ship (lead batteries)
  • Long, 7-hour operation time
  • Low battery indicator
  • Highest-grade German stepless and brushless motor
  • 9 m head-lift
  • Best-in-class pump for groundwater research
  • Groundwater low flow purging and sampling
  • Designed for installations in wells as narrow as 10mm
  • Optimised power consumption to cater for an average day’s sampling
  • Very low Only periodic external cleaning is required
  • Relatively low weight with integral heavy-duty handle
  • Easy to operate
  • And, if anything does go wrong, the modular design allows for easy and cost-effective part exchange
  Technical Specifications  
Power Supply 24V system powered by 2 x Sonnenschein (A512/6.5S) 6.5 Ah gel technology ultra deep cycle lead acid batteries
Run-time On full revs: 7 hours on fully charged batteries.
Maximum Head-lift 9.25 metres with GTSIL silicone tubing.  Different flow rates and head-lift possible with other tubing sizes
Housing material Bespoke heavy duty hexagonal aluminium housing, powder coated in black with a 3mm marine grade stainless steel removable front plate
Pump Head Masterflex MK-07514-12 easy-load pump-head with 3 rollers
Pump Speed A potentiometer with integrated on/off switch regulates pump speed steplessly.
Pump Motor   Nanotec SCB5618M4204-B – stepper motor with fluxfocus technology - NEMA 23. Stepper motor programmable controller regulated by the potentiometer
Battery Vents  2X external vents for batteries
Battery Protection Battery protection module with red LED warning light. Pump switches off automatically after a 90-second flashing “battery low” warning
Charging   External port on housing for charging
Charger   Ansmann 24V external charger
Dimensions   Hexagon,  330 X 306 X 220mm (HXWXD)
Weight   11 kg
Wiring   Tinned, marine grade harness
Flow Curve   Flow curve at full revolutions (500 rpm) using GTSIL silicone tubing and 6X8 mm LDPE discharge tubing (12.20.04)
Introducing the vanwaltHEX-Pump  

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