Project Overview

THYME is everything – helping the University of Hull with the delivery of soil data

Monitoring soil moisture in relation to meteorological data

The Requirement

The University of Hull is collaborating with partners at the University of York and Teesside University on a project to develop the bioeconomy across Yorkshire, the Humber region and the Tees Valley. The THYME project seeks to drive increased productivity of organisations operating in the bioeconomy and, as part of that, the University of Hull is looking at the productivity of soil, in particular the nutrients and moisture content of soil to optimise growing conditions.

Our solution

With the help of the University of Hull, we installed eight 65 cm GroPoint Soil Moisture Profiling Probes to monitor the soil moisture in the soil at different growing levels. These sensors are connected to 8 vanwaltDataSlaves which transmit the data from the sensors, soil moisture and temperature, from different depths, to two vanwaltDataHubs. In addition, each vanwaltDataHub has a rain gauge connected to it and one Weather Station providing data, including relative humidity, wind speed, barometric pressure and temperature. Every 15 minutes data from all these sensors is collected and the customer has access to this over our vanwaltCONNECT secure portal.