Project Overview

RSK’s Award Winning Project

For the best application of innovative digital tools or emerging technology on a Brownfield project

The Requirement

To monitor groundwater turbidity in the redevelopment of brownfield sites situated in hydrologically sensitive areas where the Environment Agency has designated them as Source Protection Zones. Our customer RSK was commissioned to monitor the impact of piling below the water table which could generate fine chalk sediments and form turbidity plumes affecting nearby public water supply abstraction boreholes.

Our Solution

A technical approach to groundwater turbidity monitoring was developed between technical specialists at the Environment Agency, Affinity Water, RSK Geosciences and Van Walt, based on our turbidity sensors to provide real-time monitoring data every 15 minutes, uploaded once per hour using our vanwaltDataHub telemetry. Our customer established that by deploying telemetric turbidity loggers’ substantial cost-savings were delivered with significantly reduced site attendance and limited manual data recording and handling. While the real time monitoring also allowed for prompt decision-making to mitigate any impact at the abstraction well and associated treatment costs. Congratulations to RSK Geosciences for their success in this highly competitive award category of Environment Analyst’s Brownfield Awards 2022.