Turbo Sensor

The Turbo Sensor provides high accuracy water quality measurements. These include a wide range of NTUs so makes it a versatile, high accuracy water quality logger. From the Seametrics Smart Sensor range. More importantly it is capable of deployment at many different sites. So with a built in data-logger and software, the Turbo measures up to 3,000 NTUs. Available for Modbus® and SDI-12 systems

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  • Modbus® and SDI-12 interfaces for greater flexibility
  • Built-in datalogger holds records in non-volatile memory
  • RS485 network
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Flexible, Windows®-based programming
  • Real-time viewing of data
  • Easy export to spreadsheets and databases
  • Direct read option for use with panel meters or RTU/PLC applications
  • Available with a variety of cable options—including polyethylene, polyurethane, and FEP
  • Range: 0-3,000 NTU
  • Resolution: ±3 NTU
  • Accuracy: 2% at 25°C
  • High accuracy, research grade water quality sensor

Turbo Sensor Equipment Options:


  • Surface water monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Agricultural runoff studies
  • Discharge monitoring
  • Aquaculture
  • Leachate monitoring
  • Remediation performance
  • Wastewater treatment



Communication Kit
Designed to directly connect your LevelSCOUTs and BaroSCOUTs dataloggers to your computer, laptop or tablet to provide plug-and-play connectivity to download and read your water level data.
Connect via USB or serial port
Includes Aqua4Plus control software
5V output available
Available as individual adapters/cables or as complete kits

Kevlar or Mylar shrouded cables in PU, HDPE or ETFE for:

  • Low stretch
  • High strength
  • Chemical resistance

Vented loggers for:

  • Ultra high accuracy
  • Unclip and reclip dessicant tube
12 Volt Auxiliary Power Box
Replacement Wipers
Easy-to-use, free control software which allows you to view the status of your sensor, monitor real time data and create flexible and powerful test sequences.
Easy to use control program for LevelSCOUT water level logger
Delivers field maintenance and data collection directly to your computer
Wealth of features
View the status of water level loggers in your network
Links individual or networks of water level loggers for extensive user control and monitoring capabilities
Access several loggers/sensors each with multiple test sequences
Display data in tabular or graphic format
Export to spreadsheets and databases
Monitor real-time data
Barometric Compensation Utility for absolute pressure sensors

System Requirements:

  • Desktop or laptop computer, running Windows XP(SP3) or higher
  • 20 MB free hard drive space
  • CDROM drive or Internet connection for installing the program
  • USB port or 9-pin serial


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