Project Overview

Adapting our Data Collection Equipment for a potential underwater installation!

The Requirement

To get a better understanding of groundwater discharge to the sea, and its related processes, the project MEDISTRAES has implemented 16 monitoring wells, 15 to 25 m deep, in an area of about 20 x 30 m very close to the sea, in a riverbed. Level, temperature, Electrical Conductivity and Redox need to be monitored. Some kind of almost real time readings is desirable, to avoid frequent trips to the field. The site is in an open area, with frequent pedestrians and some history of vandalism. To protect the wells, integral steel well covers have been installed.

Our Solution

A combination of different sensors have been proposed, including CT2X and TempHion from Seametrics, to monitor level, temperature, EC and Redox, and CTD Diver, for level, EC and Redox. As the wells are clustered in groups of 4, one of these cluster has been equipped with four DataSlave sitting inside the well cover, to transmit the signal to a DataHub installed in a restricted area next to the river bed, at about 50 m distance. The researchers have access to data from this cluster via our vanwaltCONNECT platform.