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Latest Newsletter - Issue 11

Product News - What’s new in rental?

Diver - A small, light, easy to use water level logger for measuring fluctuations in groundwater levels and temperature. The mini-Diver can measure water fluctuations up to 10 metres and store up to 24,000 measurements. Rental is available for the Diver alone or as a package with a Baro-Diver (Barometric pressure measurement), readout device and software.

YSI 6820 V2 – 2 – an MCERTS certificated sonde which can measure six different parameters simultaneously, including turbidity. With optical DO and Turbidity sensors which are not flow dependent and that incorporate wipers to keep the sensor surfaces free at all times the YSI 6820 is fully digital which means quicker stability achievement. Despite the addition of turbidity and a much higher purchase cost, this item will be available to rent at the same price as the 556 or YSI Pro but please note that we currently only have limited availability so requests are dealt with on a first come, first served basis.

Fultz SP400 Pump – a low voltage electric, submersible, positive displacement pump for wells larger or equal to 2’’. Reliable, easy to maintain and relatively cheap to repair in the event of damage this is a great pump for sampling wells to 90 metres with a head of water less than 50 metres.

The Van Veen Grab – for semi-disturbed sampling of river, lake beds and large sumps. Easy to use and the ½ litre size is available to rent with other sizes available for purchase.

Multi-sampler versatile, easy to use piece of equipment that can capture an undisturbed sample of wet, solids or fluid materials in a 1m liner to a depth of 5m. The collected sample is profiled for visual identification, classification and sub-sampling.

Beeker sampler – a sophisticated project sediment sampler which captures undisturbed samples in an acrylic sampling tube. An inflatable bladder resides within the cutting shoe to ensure perfect sample retention, perfect for a visual assessment of the often critical water/sediment interface.

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