RBC Water Flow Flumes

RBC Flumes measure water flow. The Flume is accurate and has been specifically designed to be user friendly and reliable, providing high quality, accurate results.


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Its unique design allows it to be used in smaller water way like streams, culverts, irrigation ditches etc. or earth channels. For the automatic monitoring of water flow the RBC flume works with Van Walt’s Data Collection system when you add a sensor in a stilling well, to the flume. The advantages of automatic registration over a manual determination of the flow rate are:

  • Maximum and minimum values are recorded in relation to time, from which the response rate of the discharge can be deduced
  • Average discharge rates as well as the cumulative discharge are accurately determined by continuous recording
  • Automatic flow rate monitoring is less time consuming and is very convenient in remote areas
  • High flow rates during rainy periods can selectively be recorded.
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RBC Water Flow Flumes Equipment Options:


  • Infiltration Research
  • Discharge Measurements
  • Water Flow in River, Streams, Culverts and Drainage Ditches
  • Climate Change Studies
  • Impact of Carbon Sink Research




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